Quicksilver Wood Green 'Shell' Exhibition 2002
Chocolate Factory Wood Green 2004
Novas Contemporary Urban Centre'Start Making the most of your Memories' Exhibition 2007

Material: Welded steel
Size: 6m x 4m x 3m

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Helter Skelter was made up of different pieces of steel track each of which I invidually welded. 

They could then be put together in various combinations to form a climbing frame which the viewer could usually climb on.

In one variation I cut through a wall so that Helter Skelter could continue through it and up to the ceiling so that the viewer could actually climb through the wall; in other versions it wrapped around pillars or spread from one floor down to the floor below. 

The track was often tilted so that a feeling of instability and uncertainty was quickly achieved and the climb became an impossibility.