Gayna has exhibited her eclectic and interesting collections of modern and interactive art work on numerous occasions across a wide range of galleries. Her exhibitions have included the following;


Novas Contemporary Gallery, Sept-Oct 2007

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"Fully Booked" was the latest exciting installation by the artist Gayna Pelham. In it she used 10,000 books to create an interactive installation to journey through and explore and to examine our attitudes towards books...since the books which you were invited to treasure you were also invited to destroy...

"...To destroy something we have all been conditioned to respect and venerate can be a very pleasurable experience. Creation and destruction are the two sides of the same coin..."  Gayna Pelham

You were first invited to take off your shoes and leave them literally on shelves made of books before you entered a tunnel which was carpeted all over with more books. Only their innards were visible so that they were annoymous and the ceiling wass low to encourage the pages themselves to be brushed against. There was also the recognisable musty aroma of old books, the mysterious rustling of the pages as you moved through and the whispering of books being read. This created a sensory experience which conjured up the feeling of entering another world, one where the boundaries between fact and fiction merged and blurred.

"I wanted "Fully Booked" to be a personal experience for each viewer, for them to explore their own ideas and memories about books, to see again how precious books are, to treasure them, to escape the present..." Gayna Pelham

By using the books indiscriminately to reconstruct the gallery space, Pelham raised questions as to whether there is something in the book as object, as symbol, which transcends its content. By deliberately deciding not to categorise the books by subject as might be expected she wanted the books themselves to influence each other and set up their own relationships between themselves.

The books were Velcroed to the walls and were loose on the floor and you were invited and encouraged to walk on them, to pick them up and examine them at your leisure. They could be replaced in different places so that gradually the installation was reformed during the exhibition. And then at the back of the installation you were invited to do something almost sacriligious: you were asked to destroy books. 

To tear them, glue them and scribble on them and out of this destruction, to create something new. There was profound disquiet in this idea.

All the books were for sale throughout the exhibition, enabling you to become part of the installation and to allow it to continue and evolve outside of the gallery. The profits from the sale of Fully Booked went to Novas' initiatives to help the homeless. The books were all donated by countless individuals but in particular The Book Community must be thanked for their overwhelming support and encouragement.