About Gayna Pelham


Gayna Pelham is an artist and lecturer living and working in London.

After working in fields such as classical music and art consultancy, Gayna went back to study Fine Art at Middlesex University.

She graduated in 2003 and since then has exhibited in many group and solo shows.

"Fully Booked" is her largest installation to date. It consisted of over 10,000 books which the public were invited to pick up and examine: to read or destroy. Gayna's quest to include everybody in her work leads her to make installations which the public can explore and fully interact with.

In "Helter Skelter" the public was invited to climb on a large climbing frame which was erected in a different format each time it was exhibited.

In "Card City", made of over 11,000 balanced pieces of hardboard built in the form of a labyrinth, the public were asked to carefully walk through it before they were allowed to knock it down and destroy it.

Gayna also wears another 'hat' as a lecturer which she sees as an important part of her work as an artist. 

Communication is essential to her as is her fascination with working with people and wanting them to share her excitement about art in all its forms. 

She lectures mainly at the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery, the Courtauld Institute and the Wallace Collection but her work has extended to include the Royal Parks, Kenwood and the Hunterian Museum.  

She also works for corporate clients in the UK and globally.

Gayna works with all ages from adults to under 5's giving lectures on history of art and workshops on all forms of art from painting and printing to sculpture.